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Case Studies

1. It Could Be Way Easier Than You Think

A young man approached back in 2014. He was in a bit of distress and somebody told him that I'd be able to help.We agreed on 6 coaching sessions. He presented his needs and we set and refined his main goal, and off we went. As time went on, it was obvious the dude had a more deeper issue troubling his young mind than he let on.

This is what makes coaching unique and way different from most other interventions. I let him know that he had coated his real need with the subject he presented to the coaching table. Reaching into my toolkit, I challenged him to come clean with what was really troubling him. As soon as he opened up and honestly discussed his life experiences and challenges, even the situations he faced growing up, we were on the path of power. One of his strongest desires at the time was to get married. In what could be likened to a miracle, he met a beautiful young lady couple of months later, wedded her in 2016 and they're living happily together with their son in the US now.

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