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Mattie Akpuogwu was born in Nigeria. He now lives in London, United Kingdom with his wife, Sian and four beautiful children.

Son of a renowned customary chief, Mattie was brought up not to receive favours from his wealthy father, but to learn to make his own fortunes. And so, in a country without students' loans, he worked to pay for his own studies - and even those of some other members of his father's extended family.

A fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Mattie holds bachelors and masters degrees in banking & finance and business management respectively. He is a personality and performance expert, leadership coach and public speaker.

Mattie has many years of experience in the finance industry spanning almost two decades, and rising to senior management. In those years, though, he left no one in doubt about his real passion and calling - to inspire and help people find their purpose and live it. He discovered early in life that most human misfortunes, including physical and mental ailments, stem from lack of sense of purpose and direction.


And so, alongside his banking career, he ran his personal development coaching and consultancy, speaking at seminars and workshops. This provided him the opportunity to transform lives, relationships and careers of thousands of people.

Over a period of more than thirty years, Mattie worked directly with hundreds, and indirectly through seminars and workshops with thousands, of people. His clients include top executives needing new vision and perspective in achieving outstanding performance through people. He also helped many chronically depressed, self harming and suicidal clients to achieve full recovery and live normal life without antidepressants. 


His passion in helping people gain fresh insight and new perspective to smash cultural, society and self imposed barriers is exceptional and he  challenges limiting beliefs and negative mindset. He has worked with corporate executives to raise their careers to high-flying status, thriving in very challenging environments even with the most difficult employees. Mattie has worked with schools to inspire students, as well as, coach teachers on how to connect with the so called disruptive students. 

Mattie is passionate about people's progress. He believes that everybody is special, has a unique role to play in the universe and that, given adequate support and encouragement, will achieve unbelievable breakthroughs in life. His commitment to this philosophy has seen him creating unique tools and techniques to help people achieve their dreams particularly in the areas of spiritual healing, personal growth, career advancement, and outstanding leadership.

Reach out to him now through the contact information above to help you turn your challenges into success stories. Or, contact him to speak at your next event.


                Dr Azubike Okoro

            MSHR, MNIM, FCIPMN


Matty and I were associates, pursuing a career in the banking and finance industry until he decided to follow a vocation that nature seems to have prepared him for.... I can definitely say that I'd recommend Pepplus to anyone because it’s an excellent resource with good client side experience, backing up the practical with professional understanding of their role. Matty is extremely energetic, self-motivated and able to deploy uncommon skills as a coach on psychological and emotional issues.



Fr Chuks1_edited.jpg

Nestor C. Orji, OP

 Vienna, Austria.  

I am a Catholic Priest of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) My desire and ardent love for God was fanned into flame when many years ago I met a young man named Mathias, who was very joyful and passionate for God. He was mentoring and coaching young people on subject matters that were really important to them. I admired that joyfulness and his youthful zeal and wise counsel, and I decided to stick around him. He was for me and many others then a model of a youth. He was our mentor and coach, and he gave us a clear and godly sense of direction at that critical phase in our lives. He has been a friend and big brother to many of us for decades now. Fully embracing the business of empowerment and personal development is, in my view, a fantastic decision and I am really happy because that, I believe, is his vocation in life. Matty is not just a godly motivator, he is a caring listener and counsellor. I recommend him to anyone and everyone who wish to have a positive, focused, humane and heavenly oriented and successful lifestyle.

JUDE ONYE_edited_edited.png

Jude Onye

Croydon, UK.

The coaching sessions have had great impact not only in my personal and professional development but on everyone around me; from my family, my work place and friends around me. I have experienced unimaginable personal growth, self-belief, critical & strategic thinking. I can say with confidence that after undergoing the coaching sessions with Matty, I see opportunities and challenges with positive light and will complain not of impossibilities, because I now conceive that I can do all things. I unreservedly recommend him to anyone who aspires for greatness in any aspect of their life.

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